Top 5 eCommerce Posts for June

Why Your Business Needs a Google+ Page Too – Duct Tape Marketing
Whenever you post something on your business page (and you should as often as possible), include relevant hashtags because Google now recognizes those in searches when it shows up on their own G+ outlets.

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website – Smashing Magazine
After installing a handful of WordPress plugins and fixing a few simple errors, I had improved the website’s loading speed from 1.61 seconds to 583 milliseconds.

How to Use Hashtags on Social Media Posts Practical Ecommerce
But many merchants are not sure how best to use them. The following seven tips should help.

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly – ShopSite, Inc.
There are two ways in ShopSite to make your website mobile friendly: use Responsive Design Templates or use the Mobile Optimization feature.

Order Management Tutorial – ShopSite, Inc.

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