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  1. I have tried to install your site with the one click installation on hostgator for my wordpress.com site. I received the password and username but appearantly no ID. I tried using my hostgator cpanel id but it doesn’t work. Could you please tell me how to obtain this ID.

    Thanks, M. Blake

  2. David Hills says:

    Could you email us at info-team@shopsite.com with the URL to your ShopSite login? We’ll then have you send us the username and password in a secure form. Thanks.

  3. Clinton says:

    I have no products of my own. “Does shop sits come with products to sell?

  4. David Hills says:

    We do not provide products for you to sell, however, we have partnered and integrated with Doba and they do provide products. See: https://www.doba.com/partners/shopsite

    I’m sure there are other vendors and manufacturers that would also be happy to have you sell their products.

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