Top 5 eCommerce Posts for January

Reaching Millennials With Social Media: New Research – Social Media Examiner
Millennial shoppers spend an estimated $600 billion each year, and by 2020 that amount is expected to grow to $1.4 trillion, or 30% of total retail sales

Ecommerce Product Reviews Help Shoppers in Era of Distrust – Practical Ecommerce
Small online retailers, particularly those selling unique items, should encourage reviews and listen to customer feedback.

5 Ways Content Underpins Outbrain’s Customer Retention Strategy – unbounce
The sooner you educate customers about using your product, the faster they can derive value from you and become sticky.

SEO: How to Quickly Reverse a Traffic Downtrend – Practical Ecommerce
Instead of running a website through a full search-engine-optimization checklist, which generally takes a lot of valuable time, I prefer to focus on the 20 percent of glitches that are likely causing 80 percent of the problem.

2016 Small Business Ecommerce Holiday Stats – Lexiconn
but overall for the season they were up 4%.

Top 5 eCommerce Posts for December

Useful SEO Content Tactics for a Successful 2017 – MarketingProfs
It is no longer search engine optimization, per se; our efforts are now aimed mostly at users, not bots.

Want to Make 2017 Your Most Successful Year Ever? Make Sure to Do These 3 Things – Inc.
Now, with 2016 winding to a close is the perfect time to consider our “stretch” goals for 2017

Shoppers Relying on Mobile-friendly Content – PracticalEcommerce
Mobile is now the super shopper’s go-to-source for inspiration. Sixty-four percent of smartphone shoppers turn to mobile search for ideas about what to buy before heading into stores.

2016 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Stats for the Small Online Merchant – Lexiconn
Small stores had a smaller increase on Thanksgiving than the large stores, but still improved over 2015

Improve Relationships with Your Customers! – ShopSite
Merchants can now respond directly to the reviews provided by shoppers

More Enhancement Nuggets in ShopSite v12 sp3

Gold NuggetsI previously covered the Little Enhancement Nuggets in ShopSite v12 sp3.  Now let’s cover some more of those smaller enhancements that sometimes are a big deal to merchants.

Email Newly Registered Customers

Now when new customers register at your store you have the option to send them a welcome email.  You can even have the email include a one-time use coupon.  Many merchants want their customers to register for easier repeat purchases and for marketing opportunities, but they don’t want to force the registration.  With a coupon that will be emailed to them for registering, you can incentivize them to register.


Automatic Email for Newly Registered Customers.

Automatic Email for Newly Registered Customers.


Export Reports to Microsoft Excel

ShopSite can give you reports on Sales, Abandoned Carts, Inventory, and many other items.  You can have graphs or display the data in columns like a spreadsheet.  When using the spreadsheet view you now have the option to export the data in MS Excel format.  This can be useful for future analysis or even getting the data into other systems.  Just click on the export link to send the report to your browser in Excel format.

Export to Excel

Export to Excel

When downloading, Excel may ask if you trust the source the data is coming from.  After clicking “Yes,” Excel will open the file with the appropriate headers and data.

Exported Data in Excel

Exported Data in Excel

100 Extra Product Fields

ShopSite has had 50 Extra Product Fields that merchants and designers can use for whatever they want.  For example, Google Product Search codes; special product attributes like shape, texture, or flammable; and even things such as states that this product can or cannot be shipped to.  You would think that 50 would be enough, but noooo!  We had some designers ask for even more, so now you have up to 100!  Customize to your hearts content.

Branded Back Office

We understand that most of our merchants only have one store, but there are a rising number of merchants that have more than one.  Sometimes they forget which store they are working on when they have multiple browser windows up.  To help them identify which store they are in we’ve added the ability to place a store logo in the ShopSite merchant interface.

Store Logo in Merchant Interface

Store Logo in Merchant Interface

To add your logo, from the main dashboard screen on the lower right click on the Configure Dashboard link.  Then scroll down to the Miscellaneous options section and upload your logo.


These are a few of the small enhancements that may be quite important to some merchants.  To see all the enhancements that are in v12 sp3, check out the new features page.



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