Top 5 eCommerce Posts for March

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Checkout by Amazon Ends This Month! – ShopSite, Inc.
If one of your store’s payment options is Amazon, you should be aware that Checkout by Amazon (CBA) will no longer be taking payments as of April 1, 2017.

Checkout by Amazon Ends This Month!

If one of your store’s payment options is Amazon, you should be aware that Checkout by Amazon (CBA) will no longer be taking payments as of April 1, 2017. Amazon has replaced CBA with Amazon Pay (previously called Pay With Amazon). While Amazon Pay looks similar to CBA (and is supported in ShopSite), it is a different API and Amazon requires even existing merchants to sign up for the new service – there is no automatic account switching to Amazon Pay.

How To Tell If You Are Using Checkout By Amazon

It is quite easy to know if your Amazon payment button is really using the older CBA or the newer Pay With Amazon/Amazon Pay. In ShopSite, go to Commerce Setup and then to Payment Options. Once there, click on the configure button below the Amazon payment option. At the top of the configure screen it will say Checkout By Amazon if that is what your are using. Depending on your version of ShopSite it will look like one of the two images below:

ShopSite Version 11

CBA Config in ShopSite v11


ShopSite Version 12

CBA Config in ShopSite v12

If you are using CBA, you should immediately switch to Pay with Amazon/Amazon Pay found in ShopSite v12 sp3. The successor to CBA was called Pay with Amazon, though it has recently been rebranded as Amazon Pay. In the latest release of ShopSite (v12 sp3) it is still branded as Pay with Amazon. Configuring Pay with Amazon in ShopSite is no different than Amazon Pay except for the name displayed to the merchant in the back office interface. In fact, the buttons that will be displayed to the shopper come directly from Amazon’s servers, so they will have the Amazon Pay branding.

From Amazon’s merchant interface, you need to manually switch your account over from CBA to Amazon Pay. Login to your Amazon account and follow the steps/prompts that they present to you. For more information on how to do this, see Amazon’s FAQ.

While it is a slight hassle to sign up for the new service with Amazon, by switching from Checkout by Amazon to Amazon Pay, you will now be using their latest payment option and benefit from any future improvements that they add.

Top 5 eCommerce Posts for February

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