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New ShopSite Release – v12 service pack 2

Tweet We’ve put out a new release – v12 sp2 (service pack 2).  Let’s briefly discuss some of the new features. TLS V1.2 – You may have no idea what this means but it is an important protocol for securely communicating between programs and servers.  Earlier versions of TLS are no longer considered secure enough […]

When to Require Proof that a Shopper is Human

Tweet Are we human or are we dancer? My sign is vital, my hands are cold And I’m on my knees looking for the answer Are we human or are we dancer? –        From the song “Human” by the Killers You may not know what a CAPTCHA is or what the acronym stands for, but […]

Protect Your Email Passwords

Tweet Recently I went on a cruise with my wife and her siblings and had a great time.  Near the end of the cruise, one of her sisters mentioned that their e-mail account had been hacked.  Being in the computer industry, this announcement caught my interest and I attempted to learn how this had happened.  […]

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