Global Navigation Menus for ShopSite Stores

In ShopSite version 10 SP2, the Global Navigation feature was added which allows merchants to add a top navigation to their website, which will appear on all pages, and have up to 4 levels of flyout menus. By ShopSite version 11, Global Left, Global Right, and Global Footer Navigation menu features were added so that merchants could have a standard look on all pages of their website. If you enable the side navigation in most of the built-in ShopSite themes, any links you have assigned to a page will be moved from the side navigation area to the main body of the page. The video tutorial below shows how to setup these menus as well as shows what happens with existing loop link side navigation menus. For more information on the navigation menu feature or for help adding the Global Navigation feature to your custom templates you can refer to the links listed below.
ShopSite Help - Global Navigation Menus
Custom Template Cookbook - Global top navigation template tags and suggested CSS
Custom Template Cookbook - v11 side and footer navigation template tags