E-commerce Merchant Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials are available to demonstrate how to use ShopSite features. You can go straight through the tutorials to learn more about each of the screens available within the back office of ShopSite, or you can pick and choose the tutorials you would like to view.

Setup Wizard
Pages Screen
  • Edit Page Content - includes the page name, text fields and page link information.
  • Edit Page Layout - page colors, template and which page information is displayed or not displayed.
  • Page PowerEdit - explains how the pages' PowerEdit feature works as well as how to use it.
  • Page Linking - explains how link page links to pages and products to pages.
Products Screen
  • Edit Product Info - product name, price, description and the product more information page settings.
  • Product Ordering Options  - this tutorial explains the different ways you can setup order options for your products.
  • Edit Product Layout - choose which product information is displayed and not displayed.
  • PowerEdit - explains how the products' PowerEdit feature works as well as how to use it.
  • Multi-Image Roll Overs - thumbnails that display a larger image as you move your mouse over the thumbnail.
  • Download and Upload Databases - shows you how you can download your pages and products databases from ShopSite.
Images Screen
Merchandising Screen
Orders & Reports
Commerce Setup Screen
Utilities Screen
Preferences Screen
  • Hosting Service - your store URL, SSL URL settings, and ShopSite license information.
  • Navigation Menu  - setup a top navigation menu with drop-down menus for easier navigation in your store.
  • Global Color Fields  - learn how to globally change colors in your store.
  • Mobile Commerce  - enable your ShopSite store to have mobile commerce.
  • Page and Product Defaults - set default settings for your page and products so that you do not have to configure layout settings for each new page and each new product.
  • Product Search Settings - configure the product search feature in your ShopSite Manager or ShopSite Pro store.
My Store and Help Buttons