Top 5 eCommerce Posts for April

Why Every Product Needs a Great Brand Story – Inc.
In a perfect world, we could all simply code it, craft it, or cook it, and they will come.

Brand Bags Representing Marketing, Brands, and Labels

37 Ways High-Ranking Marketers Improve Their Website Domain Authority – databox
In simpler terms, the higher your website’s domain authority is, the higher you’ll rank on Google.

Try this power move to beat procrastination – Fast Company
So much procrastination stems from our projections of the future and what it might look like.

From Bailing on College to Billionaire: 5 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Canva Co-Founder Melanie Perkins – Entrepreneur
I had the mindset that every “no” is one step closer to that client who would say yes.

There Are 2 Kinds of Remote Workers. You’ll Get More Done If You Know Which You Are – Inc.
Rothbard divides people into two groups — integrators and segmentors — and says understanding which approach comes more naturally to you and to your team can help you all get more done, faster, with less stress.

Top 3 eCommercer Posts for February

How Domain Names Impact SEO – by Practical Ecommerce
An exact-match domain name could get you on page 1 for those terms within a matter of weeks. But no more.

I Used the ‘2 Question’ Rule to Cut 10 Hours of Meetings Every Week. My Productivity Has Doubled – Inc.
We’re Slacking, emailing, texting, pinging, calling all day and with all the noise, we’re uncertain what’s actually going on.

Tap Into These 4 Hiring Trends to Achieve Your Goals – Entrepreneur
To achieve hiring goals in this new era, the following are some of the biggest trends reshaping hiring.

Top 3 eCommerce Posts for January

5 Ways to Boost Content and Promote Your Blog in 2022 – Entrepreneur
It’s knowing how to promote your blog that ultimately unlocks its full digital potential.

The Internet Fell in Love With Their Wine Brand’s Logo. The Result Was a Vital Lesson on Trademarks – Inc.
It was this thing on the internet that seemed like property of the internet, not property of these entrepreneurs who were creating a brand.

Five Ways To Develop A Winning Mindset – Forbes
The best performers set goals that are not about the outcome but about the process of reaching the outcome.

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