Connecting To ShopSite Shopping Cart Online Resources

ShopSite offers many resources which are available to merchants. These online resources include the page sensitive online help, the knowledgebase for technical issues with ShopSite, the ShopSite forums for designers, merchants and ISPs, as well as the template cookbook and these online tutorials.

Starting out

The ShopSite Help and Resource Center - This page contains links to the online help for all versions of ShopSite, and is an excellent place to start. Each version has a QuickStart Guide or a Getting Started Guide tailored to the features of that particular version. In addition, you can find links on where to go for information on HTML, graphics production, and design tips.

ShopSite Video Tutorials - This page has a variety of Youtube video tutorials to guide you through using ShopSite and many of its popular features.

Credit Card Processing in ShopSite - This short, easy-to-understand guide explains how real-time credit card processing works in ShopSite. It includes information on the types of accounts that you need to have to accept credit cards, and the typical costs involved. It also has links to merchant account providers and payment gateway services that work with ShopSite.

Getting Started with ShopSite - This tutorial includes an introduction to basic E-commerce and how to use ShopSite to sell your products online.

Certified ShopSite Designers - These Web design professionals have met a list of requirements to become Certified ShopSite Designers, and you can contact them if you are in need of design services. Click the link above to learn more about them and to see some of the ShopSite stores that they've built.

The ShopSite Merchant Newsletter - Looking for tips and information on using ShopSite features? How about relevant news from the world of e-commerce? Read and subscribe to the ShopSite Merchant newsletter to keep up-to-date on your favorite store-building program!

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FaceBook/Twitter - ShopSite on Facebook - Visit our Facebook page to see what's happening in the world of ShopSite. You can also follow us on Twitter with our ID ShopSite.

Advanced Issues

Knowledgebase - If you are having what appears to be a technical error with ShopSite, use this link to go to the ShopSite knowledgebase. In the upper left-hand field, enter a short description of the problem or error you are having. The database will bring up a number of potential solutions for you and your store.

ShopSite Forum - If you are trying to stretch ShopSite to the limits, you can ask questions and read how other merchants, designers and ISPs have worked to get the most out of ShopSite. The Forums are available at

ShopSite Technical Bulletin - You may also subscribe to the ShopSiteTech list server to receive ShopSite Technical Bulletins, which are sent out periodically to inform subscribers of new releases and patches and other ShopSite news items.