ShopSite Shopping Cart and Authorize.Net

ShopSite is integrated with

ShopSite is fully integrated with the Authorize.Net payment gateway, and is a premier Authorize.Net-Certified shopping cart. ShopSite uses the Authorize.Net Advanced Integration Method (AIM) and has full compatibility with Authorize.Net's security toolset. Additionally, ShopSite lets merchants accept electronic check payments using Authorize.Net's eCheck.Net service.

With a ShopSite store and an Authorize.Net merchant account, you can process credit card orders and eChecks in real time. Your customers can enter their credit card information (including billing address) on the checkout screen and ShopSite will forward that information to Authorize.Net for verification. If the information is correct and there are funds available to cover the cost of the order, Authorize.Net will tell ShopSite that the order is authorized and ShopSite will display a receipt to the customer.

After you ship an order, you can go to the Orders screen in the back office and select the order and click Bill Orders to start the process to receive payment. ShopSite will send a request to Authorize.Net to capture the funds for that order, and the funds will be transferred to your merchant bank account, usually within a couple of business days.

The ShopSite shopping cart and Authorize.Net work together to minimize your risk of credit card fraud during online transactions. You can enable the Authorize.Net Address Verification Service to check that the billing address on the order matches the address associated with the credit card. You can also configure ShopSite to collect the CVV2 number for each credit card, which is a 3- or 4-digit number that is printed on the back of Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards, usually in the signature box (it is on the front of American Express cards). Requesting or requiring this number from customers helps to validate that the customer has the actual card and that the card number is legitimate.

If you would like to open an Authorize.Net account, contact e-onlinedata. e-onlinedata is an Authorize.Net reseller and has a program in place just for ShopSite merchants.

If you do not already have a ShopSite store contact us or one of our hosting partners about getting one today.

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