Top 3 eCommerce Posts for August

Mark Cuban on Why You Should Start a Business Now – Inc.
Cuban says this is the perfect time to start a business you love
Business Start Up
5 Content Marketing Ideas for September 2020 – Practical Ecommerce
there are still many opportunities to generate productive content around back-to-school, dating, hobbies, shopping, and reading

Branding and Content: 6 Ways These Strategies Complement Each Other In Marketing – Growth Hackers
Branding and content marketing are two different things. Nonetheless, if you plan them out correctly, you can take advantage of their differences and strengths.

Top 3 eCommerce Posts for July

5 Keys to Kickstarting Your Full Entrepreneur Potential – Inc.
I’m now convinced that serious entrepreneurs relish the startup process more than success. They enjoy the journey more than the destination
Proven Ways To Market Your ECommerce Business – RC
you should choose the right channels to market your online business strategically while still saving substantial advertising costs.

Microbusinesses work! – USPS
Microbusinesses are a great way to start a new business or add an online presence for an existing small business.

Top 5 eCommerce Posts for June

6 Ways to Drive FOMO on Ecommerce Pages – Practical Ecommerce
The “fear of missing out” is nothing new. Humans have always coveted what others possess. FOMO marketing is about urging shoppers to buy what is popular or in high demand.

FOMO written on chalkboard

Ecommerce 102: How to Use Crowdsourcing to Grow Your Email List – NeilPatel
Multiple definitions and applications of this word abound. However, people tend to agree that it involves broadcasting a problem to the public and asking for suggestions to solve the problem.

7 Effective Link Building Tactics for Ecommerce Brands – SEJ
The key to successful link building is to develop the right content strategies and outreach techniques, as this will enable you to build quality links more easily and boost the visibility of your landing pages and site as a whole.

The Navy SEALs’ Secret of Exceptional Endurance – Inc.
Can their secrets help us mere mortals have more grit in the face of more everyday challenges (or even less everyday ones, like a pandemic)?

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. Becomes a ShopSite National Hosting Partner – PR Newswire
Using ShopSite, a company can create an affordable, flexible, secure and powerful online shopping website. Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. is proud to be recognized and certified as a ShopSite National Hosting Partner.

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