ShopSite Customer Quotes

These are actual quotes from ShopSite merchants, partners, and support recipients.

"I'm speechless! You are the brightest, kindest, the most professional people who came to my hard life without an invitation and solved problems that I have had for a year. You answered all questions, fixed errors in the moment, gave greatest advices for FREE!!! Frankly, I thought that these kind people or companies do not exist anymore. WOW! I wish I could do something great to you too for warm my heart with a great feelings of hope and appreciation. I love you, Guys!
- Natalia

"I received a compliment from a customer who praised my checkout system. She said it is a lot easier than most she's used on other websites. This is not the first time I've heard this, either. Thanks, Shopsite, for developing a great cart. I've been with you for about a year now, and am very pleased."
- Paula

"There's no way I can ever take for granted what you and your colleagues do and have done for me. You clearly look out for your customers, and I can attest to that, PIA-techno ditz that I am."
- Alfons

"I would like to thank Shopsite for the Enhancement Requests page. I requested the ability to search for products that I had to remove and they did even better! We really like the disable product feature and appreciate you getting it out so fast."

"Thank you for responding so quickly! I am finding your website, demos, and evaluation opportunities to be very helpful and quite impressive. I appreciate the time and effort you put forth to assist me...if your organization is this responsive to a prospective customer, it sends a positive message about what I can expect as a paying customer. Kudos!"
- Joy

"I just love the ShopSite interface. This is one of the most functional products I have ever used right out of the box. You have far exceeded my
expectations to date."
- Hugh

"Awesome! Had it up and taking orders for all products in about 2 hours, and I am pretty much clueless about this stuff."
- Randy

"I love this software, my site and cart are going to be WAY better than the old one."
- Vince & Donna

"The service you provide is outstanding. Going with ShopSite was one of the best decisions I ever made."
- Karen

"ShopSite is absolutely outstanding! Congratulations on offerring such a valuable product!"
- Connie

"The [ShopSite] shopping cart software is exactly what I am looking for. The software is by far the easiest to use."
- Joe Z.

"I love the new features--the customer registration is better than I'd hoped for and the additional customization of the shopping cart and checkout pages is great."
- Chris

"I've had more progress using your site in the last 5 days than I have in the last 5 weeks trying to do everything in FrontPage."
- Lauren B.

"The software is solid, intuitive and has helped my sales on the Internet through it's ease of use and the ability to manage my products. I just love you guys!"
- Bill W.

"With Shopsite, we are getting 600 - 700 orders per day and getting better everyday!"
- Ryan D.

"I've not found a solution as cost-effective and feature-rich as ShopSite, and don't think there's one out there."
- Brandon E.

"I settled on ShopSite Pro, it had most of the features that I had added via 3rd party modules to [competing product]."
- Lisa S.

"I've been using v6 for a few weeks now and I can definitely say, that as someone doing a lot of editing, etc. the Preview button in the Pages section is awesome! It's saved me bunches of time and has kept messed up pages from going live before they're ready. Thanks!"
- Katrina M.

"I built my store over the weekend. HOW GREAT THE SOFTWARE IS!!!!!! I am EXTREMELY happy with it."
- Connie R.

"Looking back, I can only say: ShopSite was the best investment we ever made since we started online business in '99 with Shopsite Manager."
- Nikolaus G.

"We finally got ShopSite on our website and I LOVE IT!!!!! It's so easy to use and I like it much better than the shopping cart we had before."
- Gail C.

"I upgraded to 6.0 to get a digital coupon discount feature and it works great. I made a form for the cart now and the code that the digital coupon generates can be used in the basket. Cool feature!"
- Gary K.

"We have been using [competing product] for 5 years now. I believe ShopSite is going to be better. The more I look at ShopSite the more I like it."
- Steve P.

"Our company has tested [competing product] and, has come to the conclusion that ShopSite wins hands-down with overall ease of use, technical installations, and customer satisfaction. [The competitor] has a long way to go to catch up to ShopSite."
- Eric K.

"I am very impressed with how carefully your company has thought through ShopSite. In the crazy world of buggy software and premature releases, it is a REAL pleasure to find a product that seems so carefully considered. My appreciation to you and your company!"
- Steve H.

"Your company was pleasant to deal with, efficient and prompt. I am very happy with the sales, service and support you provided."
- Jim N.

"I am interested in moving my site to a server with ShopSite. I have used it in the past and am very familiar with it. I am now using [competing product] and do not like it."
- Mark H.

"We just went live with [ShopSite 6] yesterday. I like it ... it's a solid program. One great thing is the upload and publish. It's NOTICEABLY faster generation of pages is great."
- Brandon E.

"This is my first e-commerce project and the first time I have ever used ShopSite. But I have been able to develop the entire site without any outside assistance; by only referring to your published documentation!"
- Stephen H.

"[ShopSite 6 is a] Great product, excellent support. Small issue with fixed within 30 mins. Thank you for making the product better and better!"
- Don C.

"I first must say that I am very pleased with the custom templates system written into ShopSite. Good work!"
- Kevin S.

"I am a web designer. I have built using 6 different cart products since 1997. By FAR, ShopSite is the most friendly cart for the customer, the merchant and the designer of all of them. I am continually impressed with the upgrades you have added."
- Susan C.

"Shopsite is a great program!"
- Alan G.

"I am currently using [a competing product] at the host of my website and am not happy with it at all. I have had problems with it since I purchased it. It is very confusing and difficult to figure out. I have currently been exploring other options and found that ShopSite is what I need. It is very self explanatory. I have seen and used the demo that shopsite offers and was very impressed. Shopsite is what I was expecting [from the competing product]."
- Jason S.

"The documentation is VERY GOOD."
- Anjil

"We are very pleased with ShopSite and utilized some of the more advanced features like creating drop down options for sizing and color choices located directly on the product pages."
- Merit L.

"ShopSite just fits around my company like a glove and everyone in our company agrees."
- Sam

"Recently I had to transfer all of my products over to [a competitor's product]. It sucks. I hate it. I need to start [my site over] with Shopsite Manager on [a ShopSite partner's] server."
- David P.

"I [tried a competing product] and I've found this new store to be not even close to what I had before [with ShopSite], your store is much better. My store has been down going on it's second week. I would like to return to shopsite. I was happy with your program, never had any problems, liked all the functions to manage the store, my customers have never made any adverse comments."
- Sam S.

Partner Quotes

"I am amazed at the features being added to the ShopSite upgrade 7... The new features truly allow me to offer my clients a workflow they can understand, spend less time and pay much less for."
- Stuart L.

"ShopSite has been our main E-commerce product since 1997 and we feel it is simply the best product out there in terms of functionality and ease of use."
- Jason

"I want to thank you for your ShopSite product as being instrumental in our company's continued success. As a loyal ShopSite hosting partner since 1998, [We have] enjoyed many benefits surrounding the hosting of ShopSite products. In the beginning, we have bet on ShopSite and realized it was a good choice and has truly withstood the test of time."
- Eric K.

"I believe you guys have the best e-com company bar none...
it is not just about the software ...i could go out and find many different solutions for my clients...
it is about the company behind the software, the "after the fact" support which sets you above the rest."
- Christopher H.

"We have received so many compliments over the years for our website and with the latest features we get more than ever before! I almost made the mistake of offering them [competing product] once and am sooooo glad I never went down that road two years ago. People complain so much about the way features conflict with each other that I could never bear the headaches. Plus, you cannot truly customize the look and feel of the website straight from your authoring program. It is amazing how [competing product] has mislead so many medium sized businesses into a conformed bliss of limitation. ShopSite really know how to cater to graphic professionals that really don't want to learn a line of code. Thanks again ShopSite!"
- Partner Webmaster

"Thank you so much for having and putting out there such a great product. Looking forward to making A LOT of money together."
- Sandy M.

"We love our ShopSite and we stick with it because of the shear simplicity to integrate our needs."
- From a partner quoting their ShopSite users.

"I am happy to say that I am using your software with a [ShopSite Partner's] E-Commerce [hosting] package. I am extremely happy with ShopSite and I will recommend it to anyone who asks my opinion on shopping cart software. I am a web designer and I have experience with [all the top competitor's products], and now ShopSite. ShopSite is by far the easiest, most user friendly shopping cart software I have used to date. Thank you very much."
- Paul Z.

"The level of support you and your staff provided us today only strengthens the good decision we made in partnering with ShopSite. Thanks for all you've done for us."
- Pat D.

"We wanted to thank your support staff for being there on the weekend for us. This makes a huge difference."
- Eric K.

"I was on the brink of losing a very big customer, but was fortunate to come into contact with [ShopSite Account Manager]. He was very polite, professional, and willing to help any way he could. He was on top of everything, very punctual, and called us back promptly. The problem was resolved inside of one hour! Often times I take this type of performance for granted because I expect everyone to have his type of work ethic. I hope you realize that you have an excellent employee in [account manager], and I am really excited about working with him on ShopSite related issues in the future."
- James N.

"We sure appreciate the hard work and support ShopSite provides!"
- Bill W.

"This is a testimonial from a VERY VERY VERY happy customer, one who does not know much about web designing or computers. Many many thanks goes out to [the ISP's staff]. I look forward to a long and lasting business relationship.
- Dina D. (a merchant at one of our ShopSite partners)

"ShopSite! I just LOVE you guys there because you have saved my entire life! One thing we have come to learn about ShopSite is that they are willing to negotiate a MASSELY [sic] sold product to fit a single client's business needs. I think that is incredibly commendable on their part as both business men and as innovators! You guys are awesome INNOVATORS!!!!"
- Partner Webmaster

"I wanted to thank you for your persistence in helping us solve our problems. It helps knowing that there is a team working to ensure our success as resellers. Also, thank you for not passing my frustration off, but understanding and assuring me that you would help me solve the problem one way or another. Not many tech support departments approach support that way."
- Ryan B.

Support Quotes

"Everything from my first phone call to your company to the last email I received from your company was excellent. Thank you very much!"
- Joseph K.

"I sincerely appreciate your dedication to me and the problems we were having. You've done an excellent job at making a client (me) and a client's client very happy, giving further evidence that Shopsite not only produces an outstanding product but also follows it up with industry-leading support."
- John S.

"Once again you guys shine through. I'm consistently impressed with your attention to customer service."
- Ryan B.

"Exceptional!! Your support personnel are the absolute best!!!!"
- Andy

Your customer service is beyond reproach in a field that is constantly criticized for it's lack of customer service. I just want to extend a heart felt thank you for your dedication to quality support."
- Bill W.

"[ShopSite Support] is incredible. I had a low priority question and he treated it like a high priority issue. I love your support system... from sales to technical support, you folks are awesome."

"Thank you again on your outstanding efforts. The exemplary level of professionalism shown by ShopSite is uncommon today, and we have come to measure other vendors against the high standards you have set."
- Joseph L.

"Keep up the good work. The outstanding support provided by [support engineer] is much appreciated!"
- Jason

"Service is always Great here. Thanks!"
- Sid E.

"I want to let you know that I appreciate the extra effort [support engineer] made when he called from home, when he was sick, to help me trouble shoot an issue last Friday. Thank you."
- Ryburn C.

"I must say that an answer to my problem sent late in the evening on New Year's Day [2002] was unexpected, and really appreciated. I have been scrambling to complete an overhaul of my site, and now I can finish my evening knowing the site is done (well, except for some fine-tuning).
Thanks again!"
- Kevin B.

"If this level of support is what we have from now on, It will be an honor to do business with you guys."
- Chris G.

- Jim H.

- Jeremiah S.

"I appreciate your clear, prompt response. That really means a lot."
- Tom

"I've been very impressed with the support for ShopSite! You folks are awesome."
- Kathy

"You're the greatest!!! I haven't seen better support in a long time."
- Beth S.

"Your support team was great. They were very quick and properly handled the upgrade situation. I would highly recommend your team to my clients."
- Jon W.

"My overall experience [with support] was Very, Very Good. It was a pleasure to work with [support engineer], very professional."
- Brad G.

"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for working so quickly with [payment gateway] to get the recent problem resolved. People are quick to complain when there's a problem, myself included. I think it's equally important to acknowledge when things go well, such as when an important issue like this one gets resolved so quickly. Thanks! And please let the people "in the trenches" know their hard work makes a big difference."
- Mark L.

"Once again I have nothing but rave reviews about the service we received. I am more and more impressed."
- Ben