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  1. I have tried to install your site with the one click installation on hostgator for my wordpress.com site. I received the password and username but appearantly no ID. I tried using my hostgator cpanel id but it doesn’t work. Could you please tell me how to obtain this ID.

    Thanks, M. Blake

  2. David Hills says:

    Could you email us at info-team@shopsite.com with the URL to your ShopSite login? We’ll then have you send us the username and password in a secure form. Thanks.

  3. Clinton says:

    I have no products of my own. “Does shop sits come with products to sell?

  4. David Hills says:

    We do not provide products for you to sell, however, we have partnered and integrated with Doba and they do provide products. See: https://www.doba.com/partners/shopsite

    I’m sure there are other vendors and manufacturers that would also be happy to have you sell their products.

  5. Joe says:

    I have used shopsite for years for a few of my businesses.
    BUT…I have noticed that shopsite DOES NOT keep up with the times.
    Shopsite templates are a JOKE at best, they are hard to use, they do NOT allow you to
    drag and drop like DIVI does or WIX or Shopify or basically ANY of them.

    I tried to make my site more modern and Shopsite could not even do a simple task like
    put my logo in the top left corner like everyone on the planet.

    You people need to get better templates and make is much faster and better for people to use your product.

    EVERY time I try to hire help to build a website or start a new business I get the same response from the
    web developer… “What the hell is shopsite, I have never heard of it” Then when they look at shopsite they
    same the same thing “What a joke, its like a 1990’s little toy web builder or something”

    It is 2018 you MUST create templates that are great and flexible and drag and drop…as well as secure.

    Thank you for 20 years of business, but I am really starting to look at Shopify, they market for you, they
    are drag and drop, they assist you with getting your products on amazon, they give you FREE photos to use
    on your site that are absolutely beautiful and professional and they are WAY cheaper than Shopsite Pro.

    Please give me a reason to stay with you, I feel like I am losing an old friend by being forced to leave shopsite.


  6. David Hills says:

    Wow Joe, you really know how to slam a product! If you could point out your site or tell us what version of our product you are using I could be more specific in my response. I will address what I can without knowing more specifics:

    * No drag and drop – you are correct, we do not support drag and drop. We are more for either simple stores to fill in the fields and have the template populated or for power users that get a 3rd-party to design a nice template and then again fill in the fields. As for no drag and drop making us look like we are from the 1990’s I’d say look at WordPress — they don’t have drag and drop for their layout but no one would accuse them of being from the 1990’s.

    * Logo in the top left corner – Yes, can be easily done but location depends on the template. The setup wizard specifically asks for a Logo to be uploaded and then you can choose from various themes, republish, and see how the logo is positioned in the header.

    * Shopify gives me free photos – No, we do not supply free photos. There are 3rd party sites that probably would give you some for free and make thousands available for a small fee. Shopify also takes a percentage of every sale you make, we do not. Shopify wants you to use their payment gateway or they charge you more to use a 3rd party service. You are always going to find trade-offs between vendors. If you do not plan to sell very much then giving part of your sales to Shopify may justify their extra cost

    I hope you do stick with us. We have thousands of merchants using ShopSite, making mobile sales and having the latest look. We can hook you up with great designers that know ShopSite. I’m guessing the ones you’ve talked to have their favorite cart, know it, and don’t want to work with anything else so of course they sing its benefits and pooh-pooh other ones.

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