ShopSite Built-In Themes

ShopSite lets you choose a theme for your store. A theme gives your store a consistent look and feel by setting a standard page layout and color scheme. When you pick a theme, all the existing pages in your store take on that page layout and color scheme, and any new pages that you create after picking a theme use the page layout and colors of the theme. You can edit the layout of any page to select a different theme for that page, or to change any of the colors used in the theme.

Bootstrap Based Compaq ShopSite TemplateCompaqVersion 15 Bootstrap Based Decoure ShopSite TemplateDecoureVersion 15 Bootstrap Based Pakki ShopSite TemplatePakkiVersion 15 Bootstrap Based Scalume ShopSite TemplateScalumeVersion 15 Bootstrap Based All Side ShopSite TemplateAll Side ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based Dark Rim ShopSite TemplateDark Rim ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based Dark Uniform ShopSite TemplateDark Uniform ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based Edge ShopSite TemplateEdge ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based Editorial ShopSite TemplateEditorial ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based Flank ShopSite TemplateFlank ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based Rim ShopSite TemplateRim ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based Ringer ShopSite TemplateRinger ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based Roomy ShopSite TemplateRoomy ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based Tilt ShopSite TemplateTilt ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based Tilt Left ShopSite TemplateTilt Left ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based Tranquil ShopSite TemplateTranquil ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based Uniform ShopSite TemplateUniform ThemeVersion 14 sp1 Bootstrap Based District ShopSite TemplateDistrict ThemeVersion 14 Bootstrap Based Gaunt ShopSite TemplateGaunt ThemeVersion 14 Bootstrap Based Airy ShopSite TemplateAiry ThemeVersion 14 Bootstrap Based Marker ShopSite TemplateMarker ThemeVersion 14 Bootstrap Based Stygian ShopSite TemplateStygian ThemeVersion 14 Bootstrap Based Stalwart ShopSite TemplateStalwart ThemeVersion 14 Bootstrap Based Slab ShopSite TemplateSlab ThemeVersion 14 Bootstrap Based Rise ShopSite TemplateRise ThemeVersion 14 Bootstrap Based Pennant ShopSite TemplatePennant ThemeVersion 14 Bootstrap Based Lighthearted ShopSite TemplateLighthearted ThemeVersion 14 Bootstrap Based Edgewise ShopSite TemplateEdgewise ThemeVersion 12 sp3 Bootstrap Based Split ShopSite TemplateSplit ThemeVersion 12 sp3 Bootstrap Based Electric ShopSite TemplateElectric ThemeVersion 12 sp3 Bootstrap Based Thin ShopSite TemplateThin ThemeVersion 12 sp3 Bootstrap Based Outline ShopSite TemplateOutline ThemeVersion 12 sp3 Bootstrap Based Jeans ShopSite TemplateJeans ThemeVersion 12 sp3 Bootstrap Based Seeing Double ShopSite TemplateSeeing Double ThemeVersion 12 sp3 Bootstrap Based Habits ShopSite TemplateHabits ThemeVersion 12 sp2 Sector ShopSite TemplateSector ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Delicate ShopSite TemplateDelicate ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Familiar ShopSite TemplateFamiliar ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Intrepid ShopSite TemplateIntrepid ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Dauntless ShopSite TemplateDauntless ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Fearless ShopSite TemplateFearless ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Selvage ShopSite TemplateSelvage ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Central ShopSite TemplateCentral ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Haven ShopSite TemplateHaven ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Compact ShopSite TemplateCompact ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Boilerplate ShopSite TemplateBoilerplate ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Ever Short Nav ShopSite TemplateEver Short Nav ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Splay ShopSite TemplateSplay ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Familiar 2 ShopSite TemplateFamiliar 2 ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Trace ShopSite TemplateTrace ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Trace Colored ShopSite TemplateTrace Colored ThemeVersion 12 sp1 White ShopSite TemplateWhite ThemeVersion 12 sp1 Deskman ShopSite TemplateDeskman ThemeVersion 12 Composer ShopSite TemplateComposer ThemeVersion 12 Response ShopSite TemplateResponse ThemeVersion 12 Brownie ShopSite TemplateBrownie ThemeVersion 12 Shower ShopSite TemplateShower ThemeVersion 12 Stripped Down ShopSite TemplateStripped Down ThemeVersion 12 Content Focus ShopSite TemplateContent Focus ThemeVersion 12 Underline ShopSite TemplateUnderline ThemeVersion 12 Floating Page ShopSite TemplateFloating Page ThemeVersion 12


Legacy Themes

Version 11 sp2 - Dynamic, Boutique, Pinwheel, Picture, Trend
Version 11 - Burst, Lights, Roller, Scoop, Ship-Shape, Simplicity, Smooth, Standard
Version 10 sp 2 - 3Column, Bar Navigation, Bookend, Line Sections, Square, Business Casual, Spotlight, Soft, Base Forma, Solid Block, Drill Down
Version 10 sp 1 - Slate With Accent, Fade, Sleek, Wallpaper, Swish On White, Swish On Black, Dots, Leaf, Thick Border
Version 10 - Congruence, Crop Circles, Curved, Texturize
Version 9 and earlier - Modern, Clean, Gradient, Classy, Cross Sell, Awesome, Elite, Rounded, Sidebar, Stained Glass, Tabbed Navigation, Lefty, Matte, Mondrian, Top Notch