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ShopSite is electronic commerce software for the small to medium-sized business. It is an online catalog and shopping cart system that is easy to learn and powerful. With ShopSite you can manage your own online store yourself, no matter what your background -- there's no HTML coding necessary.

There are three ShopSite products to meet your needs:

  • ShopSite Starter for merchants just starting out or stores that don't have many products.
  • ShopSite Manager offers an unrestricted* number of products and pages, real-time credit card processing, on sale module, and more.
  • ShopSite Pro for stores that need advanced features such as coupons, digital downloads, product search, discounts, inventory tracking, and associates.

You can view the feature comparison chart to see which features are in which products.

With any of the above ShopSite products you can easily:

  • Add a shopping cart to existing web pages.
  • Create a store from scratch using ShopSite's built in templates.

And with ShopSite Manager and Pro you can:

ShopSite is server-based software, which means that merchants don't need to download or install anything in order to create and manage a ShopSite store.

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ShopSite can help you build your business, whether you are an ISP/Portal, a new or existing merchant, or a Web designer.

Merchant Quote:

"The [ShopSite] shopping cart software is exactly what I am looking for. The software is by far the easiest to use."
-Joe Z.

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* ShopSite does not place any restrictions on the number of products or pages you can have in your store. The actual number of products and pages your store can effectively handle is influenced by the resources available on your server.