Merchant Accounts and Payment Gateways

Funds for credit card transactions are moved from issuing banks to acquiring banks over payment processor networks. These networks are connected via payment gateways but none of the payment gateways or the acquiring banks connect to all networks. Because of this, you must have a merchant account from an acquiring bank (or Independent Sales Organization) that is on the same network as your payment gateway.

Payment Gateways and Merchant Account Providers

This table shows the merchant accounts that work with each payment gateway. If you already have a payment gateway account, find a merchant account that works with it, and then apply for an account with that provider.

Merchant Account Authorize.Net Payeezy First Data Optimal Payments PayFlow Gateway Orbital
Total Merchant Services        
Cardservice International        
Chase Merchant Services    
The Transaction Group        
Wells Fargo        
Optimal Payments        
First Data Global Gateway        

Payment Gateways and Payment Processor Networks

This table shows the payment gateways that work on each payment processor network. If you already have a merchant account, find out which networks it connects with, and then apply for an account with a gateway that is on the same network.

Processor Network Authorize.Net First Data Global Gateway Optimal Payments PayPal Advanced & Pro PayFlow Gateway Orbital ACH Direct
Concord EFS            
FDC Omaha            
First Data (FDC)      
Global Payments      
Elavon (formerly NOVA)        
NDC East          
NDC Global            
FDC Nashville          
VITAL (VisaNet)