International Hosting Provider Features

Besides the great merchant and shopper features contained in ShopSite, ShopSite also offers a number of features that the hosting provider or OEM will be interested in.

Easy Installation and Addition of Language Packs

ShopSite has always had an easy to run installation program. ShopSite can be installed using a web browser or from a script. The scripted install is great for high volume hosting providers that want to automate the installation of ShopSite with their existing provisioning system. Once the installation of the ShopSite program files (CGIs) has been set up you can easily add a language pack for French, German, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Easy Selection of Language and Currency

From the install screen or script the hosting provider can select the initial language and currency the merchant will use. ShopSite will then start up in the merchant's native language. In addition the ShopSite store setup wizard also allows the merchant the opportunity to specify another language or currency (locale). Try a demo store and see how easy it is to select a language and locale and even switch them to another locale if desired.

Localizing (Translating) ShopSite

Do you need another language besides French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese? Or do you want to localize another version besides 4.3? If so we can make the same tools used to localize 4.3 available to you or a translator. We can even arrange to have ShopSite localized for you. Also note that all screens seen by the shopper can be customized or translated directly by the merchant. ShopSite allows the merchant to easily replace the store text with their own message. For example a merchant can run the ShopSite back office in English but then have all the shopping cart and search screens that the shopper sees be in Swedish.

Customizing ShopSite Links

ShopSite was designed so that the hosting provider or OEM can easily replace the default product links. Do you want the ShopSite help to reside on your server instead of Do you want the product links to resources such as search engines, banner ads, getting started, etc. to go to your native partners? This is easily done by modifying one text file (global.aa) which ships with ShopSite. Click here for more information on what you can customize.

Payment Gateways

ShopSite has built-in support for several payment gateways such as VeriSign and CyberCash. In addition some international partners have used the Order API to add support for their own payment gateways. For even tighter integration ShopSite consulting services can be contracted to integrate the payment gateway of your choice.