Top 5 eCommerce Posts for August

Why You Need Social Media Marketing for Your Business – Bootstrap Business
Social media marketing is one of the best most effective ways of marketing your service or your product. You can reach the people you want to help your business grow.

These 5 Words Are What Separates Super Successful People From Those Who Get Stuck – Inc.
It’s an epiphany that’s the number one determinant of your future trajectory too; be it positive or negative. And that epiphany, what determines your trajectory, can be summed up in five words

7 Tips to Maximize the Autumn Season with Holiday Email Templates – Constant Contact
Holidays are an excellent opportunity for business owners to maximize business and at the same time, strengthen customer relationships.

Work for Yourself: 5 Steps for Becoming Self Employed – The Lean Startup Life
While you can expect to work harder and longer to set up your new small business, many people who choose to make the leap can’t believe that they waited so long to make their dreams happen.

Useful (and Useless) Mobile Ecommerce Metrics – Practical Ecommerce
There are a few “cuts” of data that matter more for mobile than for desktop.

Top 5 eCommerce Posts for July

Entrepreneurs Beware: 4 of the Worst Pieces of Advice I Ever Received – Inc.
Everybody’s an expert, and everybody has an opinion on your situation when you’re striking out on your own. What were some of the words of advice you may have received that turned out to be terrible?


Tips for Building a Solid Content Marketing Strategy – Constant Contact
Content marketing is a fun and creative way to attract new customers to your business. Just know — it doesn’t have to be complicated to get the desired results.

6 Ways To Simultaneously Improve Your Work And Home Life – The Lean Startup Life
When choosing a job, a good work-life balance is one of the top priority for most millennials, even preceding growth opportunities and development programs

Using Google Trends for Ecommerce – Practical Ecommerce
Consumers who search on Google are expressing a need. Data from those searches is powerful for marketers.

5 Modern Digital Marketing Trends To Know – Bootstrap Business
Twitter’s future is uncertain with declining usage, disorganized leadership, stagnant revenue, disassembling of Vine, and possible sales rumors to Salesforce / Microsoft / Google and other suitors. But one thing is for certain: Twitter isn’t dead yet.

Top 5 eCommerce Posts for June

How to Use Email to Get More Online Reviews – Constant Contact
86 percent of consumers read reviews for local businesses, 89 percent of consumers read business’s responses to reviews.

Express Guide To SEO – Bootstrap Business
While some say “SEO is dead”, any online marketer or ecommerce website owner worth their salt will tell you that it’s even more crucial than ever these days

The Why, When, and How of Republishing Blog Posts – Content Marketing Institute
We republish articles to remind our audience of good advice that’s still valid and relevant. We get more mileage out of the pieces with less effort than writing a post from scratch. It’s a win-win for our team and our audience.

Great Email Marketing Campaigns: the Ultimate Guide to create yours – Growth Hackers
for any $ spent on email marketing, you can expect to get 38 to 42$ back.

Store Profile: – Lexiconn
In the late 1990’s I retooled for Internet sales and began beta testing ShopSite. And in 1998, a full three years ahead of the industry-leading retailers, launched as a secure e-commerce platform

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