Top 5 eCommerce Posts for November

The Anatomy of a Product Description that Sells – ecommerce guide
Truth is, 82% of shoppers do read product descriptions, and it influences their purchase decision.

Less Selling, More Storytelling: 5 Expert Tips on Doing Low-Cost PR for Your New Business – Entrepreneur
While larger organizations may be able to fire news out on the wire and get coverage, for startups that still have to earn a name for themselves, relying on press releases alone is likely to be a wasted effort.

The Best Ecommerce Content for Instagram – PracticalEcommerce
ecommerce merchants often miss the opportunity. Too many focus solely on sharing product images, not connecting with prospects.

The 1 Management Mistake That Causes Daily Worry, Stress, and Anxiety in Employees – Inc.
Globally, one in two employees know what is expected of them at work. That means half of employees worldwide are unsure about their roles

Vendor discounts for filing sales tax on time, a state-by-state guide – Avalara
Though all states penalize businesses for filing and/or remitting sales tax late, many also reward vendors for filing and remitting sales tax on time.

Top 4 eCommerce Posts for October

How to Squeeze in a Side Hustle Without Losing Your Day Job – Bloomberg Business
the more project-based the work, the easier it is to fit in multiple occupations.

Why Every Product Needs a Great Brand Story – Inc.
product attributes alone are never enough, no matter how low you can drive your customer acquisition costs.

Want To Become An Entrepreneur? Here’s How To Tell If You’ll Be Successful – Forbes
For any aspiring entrepreneurs who want to gauge whether or not they can truly handle running a business, it would be helpful to start with a commission-based role.

Silicon Slopes Interview with ShopSite CEO – ShopSite, Inc.
ShopSite’s history and thoughts on eCommerce.

Top 5 eCommerce Posts for August

5 Mistakes Bosses Will Make When People Return to the Office – Inc.
If you assume that everyone is miserable and constantly apologize for returning to the office, you’ll get people focused on the downside.

Office workers

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Business Survives the Unexpected – Entrepreneur
Like any good lab technician, I charted the results. Want to know the four variables that led to success during the pandemic? Read on

8 Best SEO Tips To Help Your Business Reach More Customers – Bootstrap Business
On the other hand, if you don’t take SEO (search engine optimization) seriously, you might not be able to grow like other online businesses or companies.

5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – The Good Men Project
Content marketing is an art that, when done well, is a powerful way to attract the kind of clients that align with your core values.

7 Frugal Tips For Sole Proprietors – Frugal $ Finance
If you’re at the crossroads where your career of a company employee and that of a business owner intersect, take some time to read this article.

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