Installation Instructions

Installation of the ShopSite cPanel auto installer consists of the following:

1. log in to the cPanel server as root

2. Download the ShopSite cPanel installer:

3. Execute the installer:

4. Open outgoing ports:
certain ports need to be open in order to reach ShopSite servers to optain the license key (Auth file). Contact ShopSite for the specific ports.

Once these steps have been done, ShopSite will show up as an option in the Software/Services section.

To install a vendor specific file, copy the file to /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/x/shopsite/install on the cPanel server.

Server requirements for hosting ShopSite stores.

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Upgrade Instructions

Doing a version update on a cPanel server is very similar:

1. log in to the cPanel server as root

2. download the ShopSite cPanel updater:

3. execute the updater: