Certified ShopSite Designer Application

A Certified ShopSite Designer is an individual who has demonstrated a strong knowledge of ShopSite products and the ability to use that knowledge to design and implement highly functional and easy-to-use ShopSite stores. As part of the Certification process, each designer must submit a selection of functioning ShopSite stores that they designed or helped design. These stores will then be reviewed by our panel of experts to make sure that the merchant customer is pleased with their site, and that the designer has properly and artfully utilized the functionality of ShopSite software.

Once a designer has passed the test and become certified, we at ShopSite Inc. will be proud to recognize these designers and show off the work that they have done. We will list all CSDs on our Web site and include space for each CSD to tell about their work with ShopSite and to include links to the stores that they designed.


  • Submit at least 5 ShopSite Stores that you personally helped design. These can be custom stores utilizing advanced ShopSite features or simple ShopSite customer-developed implementations that you helped the merchant develop. With each store submitted please provide:
    • URL (Please note: we will not review or list sites with adult or questionable content)
    • Store Owner contact information to include:
      • Contact name
      • Phone number
      • E-mail address
    • Time required to complete
    • Comments on notable features incorporated in the site

    (It is recommended that you submit a selection of stores that will best display your abilities and skill with ShopSite software.)

  • Please provide the following applicant information:
    • Full Name
    • Address
    • E-mail Address
    • Employer
    • List the design tools you are familiar with.
    • Describe the type of customers you prefer working with. i.e. (size, industry, product category, etc.)
    • Describe the type of projects you seek.
    • List Professional Training Completed, Degrees Earned, Work Experience, etc. (This information is not required but would be helpful in considering your application)
    • Include $50 for applicant and web listing fee.

    Please remember that this is a Certification for the individual, not the entire company.

If you pass and receive your Certification, you will receive a certificate, instructions on what is needed to list your self and all your ShopSite work on our website, and permission to display the Certified ShopSite Designer Logo.

Contact us or call us 801-705-4119 for more information.