Ecommerce WordPress Plugin

Blogs are a great way to increase traffic coming to your website. With a blog you can update content regularly, have more of a relaxed interaction with your customers, and post interesting articles, views, and pictures relating to your business. ShopSite has created a WordPress plugin which allows you to easily add products to your WordPress blog from your ShopSite database. So when you are creating a blog post about an awesome new t-shirt you are selling in your store, you can include the t-shirt with it's purchase options directly in your blog.

Easy To Use - The ShopSite WordPress plugin provides a link directly in WordPress where you can search through your product database to select products to add to a blog post or WordPress blog page.

Setting Up And Using The ShopSite WordPress Plugin

The video tutorial below goes through the setup process for adding the ShopSite Wordpress plugin to your account as well as how to use the feature in your WordPress Blog. Note: Since Wordpress switched their default editor in v5.x, the 'Classic Editor Plugin' is required. In Wordpress Go to Settings > Writing and change "Default editor for all users" to Classic.