ShopSite Demo/Lead Generator

As a ShopSite Partner, you may want to put a link to our Demo/Lead Generator on you site. This tool gives your customers the ability to try a ShopSite store 24/7. It takes them just minutes to set up a live store to play with and see just how easy it is to start selling their goods on the Web. The store is created on one of our servers and is active for 4 days. After the store closes, you are sent the customer's contact info to follow up on. This has worked great for us. We would be happy to set you up with it.

Try A Demo

Here is a list of information that we need from you to set up the Demo/Lead generator:

  1. Your reseller number (if you don't know it, we'll look it up for you).
  2. The e-mail address to which you want the referral customer info sent.
  3. The text of the e-mail message that you want to have sent to your potential customers at the end of the 4-day demo.
  4. Indicate whether you plan to place links on associate/affiliate sites and want to offer a commission, so we can pass the referrer site information back to you.

Once we have this information, we'll send you a link that you can place on your site. You can also place the link on other sites to increase your exposure, and even track referral leads if you want to offer a commission. The lead information will be sent to you for follow-up.

Please enter the above information in the contact form and mention that you would like to use the "Demo Lead Generator."