Using ShopSite Shopping Cart Software Internationally

All ShopSite versions allow merchants to select a primary store currency, display two different currencies on the product pages (e.g British Pounds and Euros), and easily replace the store text with their own messages in their native language. For example, a merchant can run the ShopSite back office in English but have all the product pages, shopping cart and search screens that shoppers sees be in Swedish.

Chez Francois Online Store Demo For ShopSite International E-commerceShopSite International Demo

Hosting Provider and OEM Features

ShopSite has been designed with the features international hosting providers need. These include:

  • Easy installation
  • Easy selection of a language and currency
  • Ability to localize other languages
  • Ability to modify and serve the help documentation from your own server
  • Ability to point merchandizing and other ShopSite links to your own custom pages.
  • Order API for adding additional payment gateways.

Follow this link for information on the above features for Hosting Providers.