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November, 2000 - ShopSite 5.0 Released

Adds Digital Coupons, Inventory Tracking and Affiliate Program Creation

BURLINGTON, Mass., November 2000 -- Open Market, a leading provider of content-centric eBusiness applications, today announced the general availability of ShopSite 5.0, Open Market's small business online store-builder product for Commerce Service Providers (CSPs). ShopSite 5.0 gives small businesses powerful new capabilities in the areas of e-marketing and operations management while improving the product's ease of use for first-time merchants.

"ShopSite 5.0 delivers small businesses e-marketing and e-operations functionality that will help them efficiently boost their online revenue," said Joe Alwan, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Open Market. "Digital coupons are a capability usually associated only with large online businesses. ShopSite 5 puts that power in the hands of small businesses. In addition, ShopSite 5 enables them to track their inventory more accurately to improve their overall business operations and customer service."

With over 60,000 licenses worldwide, ShopSite is designed to make setting up and maintaining commerce Web sites simple, with timesaving features for administrators and designers alike. ShopSite 5.0 adds new functionality including digital coupons, inventory tracking and affiliate program creation making ShopSite one of the most robust online store building systems on the market today.

ShopSite 5.0 also has significantly improved usability for first-time merchants and their customers. Merchants will benefit from an improved wizard-creation tool and their customers will be able to select options associated with products from the store pages.

ShopSite 5.0 adds e-marketing and operations management capabilities:

  • Digital Coupons - Leveraging Transact 5, merchants can offer discounts off of orders or specific products through a secure, cross-the-network link.
  • Associate Capability - Using ShopSite 5.0, merchants can access associate capabilities, which enable them to create affiliate programs that share finder's fees with business partners, acquiring customers cost-effectively.
  • Inventory Tracking - ShopSite 5.0 offers inventory tracking that decrements an inventory based on product orders, warns merchants of low inventory levels and blocks orders when inventory reaches a merchant-determined point.
  • Mall-wide Product Indexing - A portal or ISP can capture ShopSite's optional XML output to produce an index of all products in all their ShopSite stores.

Contributing to the success of leading ISPs and Internet destination sites including Lycos, Verio, Bizland, and Winstar Communications, Inc., ShopSite enables CSPs to empower their merchants with the tools to commerce-enable an existing site instantly, or use the ShopSite store setup wizard and its intuitive, browser-based interface to build a new site as little as 15 minutes.

ShopSite SC and TX 5.0 are now available on Solaris/Sparc in English. ShopSite TX 5.0 works with Transact 5.x versions. ShopSite SC is also available on other Unix platforms (Linux and FreeBSD) and in the near future will be available on BSDI and Irix.

About ShopSite

ShopSite, Inc. is a private company based in Orem, Utah, and has provided electronic commerce software for the small- to medium-sized business since 1996. The company’s software is an online shopping cart system that is extremely powerful and easy to learn. With ShopSite software, merchants can manage their online stores entirely, regardless of their technical background—there is no HTML coding required.

ShopSite is available for hosting companies such as LexiConn, pair Networks, Go Daddy, Bluehost, HostMonster, and Merchant web sites using ShopSite include: Tony Packos, Worksman Cycles, Metolius Climbing, W+S Water Safety Europe GmbH and thousands of others.

The ShopSite family includes five products:

  • ShopSite Express™ add up to 10 order buttons to your website or blog
  • ShopSite Starter™ for merchants just starting out or stores that don't have many products.
  • ShopSite Manager™ offers an unlimited number of products and pages, Custom Templates, data upload and download, Store Search, and more.
  • ShopSite Pro™ for stores that need advanced features such as Coupons, Digital Downloads, Gift Certificates, Customer Registration, and Inventory Tracking.
  • ShopSite Enterprise integrates with database servers such as MySQL and MariaDB so that large stores get the highest performance and can use 3rd party tools to access the database for custom integration options.

A comprehensive list of features in all ShopSite products can be found at

ShopSite is server-based software that works with existing Web browsers, which means that merchants do not need to download or install anything on their desktop in order to create and manage a ShopSite store. Merchants can preview a demo version of ShopSite and obtain pricing information by visiting

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