Product Order Status

If you have ordered a product from a ShopSite store and want to know the status of the order please read all of the following information.

ShopSite, Inc does not sell retail goods

ShopSite, Inc. provides the software used by tens of thousands of merchants to sell their products. We have no way to contact most of our merchants since they are trypically hosted at our partners (e.g. hosting companies like GoDaddy.)

Contact The Seller

There are various ways you can get the contact information for the merchant you placed an order with.

  • Check Your Email Receipt

    If you still have your e-mailed receipt for the order, review it for contact information. The URL for the store should be on the receipt. You can also try replying to the e-mail to contact the merchant.

  • Check The Merchant's Website

    Most merchants put e-mail and phone number contact information on their web site. If you know the name of the store you ordered from go to their web site and look for a link to contact information. Often this information is on the bottom of their main store page.

  • Do An Online Search

    If you do not know the store's URL and do not have your receipt (which contains the URL), try searching for the store's name on Google or Bing.

  • Check A WhoIs Directory

    If the store's web page has no contact information but the store has it's own domain name, you can look up the domain name (do a whois) at the Network Solutions site. The results from the look up will give you contact names and phone numbers.

Dispute a Charge

If the merchant does not deliver your order but does charge your credit card, you should immediately dispute the charge. On the back of most credit card statements you can find instructions for disputing a charge.