Add Order Buttons Anywhere
Websites, Blogs, Newsletters and more

Do you already have a website that you want to add Order buttons to? ShopSite's Order Button feature makes it easy to add order buttons and shopping cart functionality to your existing website or blog. No matter what you used to create your pages, you can easily place ShopSite add-to-cart buttons on any HTML page or email.

2 Simple Steps

  • Add your product to ShopSite.
  • Paste the order buttons on your existing HTML pages.

Try It Out

See how easy it is to e-commerce enable your web site. Get a ShopSite demo store and either use the existing products or add your own. Then paste the buttons or HTML code on your existing site. It's that simple!

To learn more about placing order buttons on your website, see the Order Buttons Video Tutorial, or read the Order Buttons online help. The online help also has instructions to change the order buttons to match your store, and other advanced features.

Customize the Cart

You can get the same look and feel in your ShopSite shopping cart pages as you have in your non-ShopSite generated store pages. You can create a custom shopping cart template, or simply 'wrap' your look and feel around the cart contents. More information on how you would set this up can be found in the custom template cookbook.