ShopSite Benefits for Web Designers

If you're a Web designer, you look for products and tools that help you meet your customer's needs efficiently and inexpensively. ShopSite is just the tool you've been looking for so that you can answer "Yes!" when customers ask if you can build an online store for them.

ShopSite features for Web designers include:

  • Works with any web-building or HTML tool: You probably already have tools that you're familiar with, and you can continue to use those tools with ShopSite. For example, you can place ShopSite "Add to Cart" buttons on existing Web pages to quickly commerce-enable your client's site. Or you can create entirely custom pages that make use of the ShopSite product database.
  • Customizable Templates: You can use ShopSite's template building features to create exactly the look that you want for product and page layouts and the shopping cart. Apply different templates to different products and pages in the same store.
  • Custom Pages: With this feature, designers can embed ShopSite database calls into an HTML page. This allows you the flexibility of customizing a page to your heart's content, while affording you the easy maintenance of a database-driven site.
  • JavaScript Support: ShopSite lets you add JavaScript and other instructions into the <head> section of store pages so that you can create custom effects and gather information.
  • Order API: Write your own CGI script and have ShopSite run it when a transaction is complete, such as to connect to a custom payment processor or warehouse/inventory tracking system.
  • Customizable Store Text: You can easily change almost every bit of text that ShopSite displays to customers.

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