ShopSite Partner Support

ShopSite Partners are responsible for providing first-level support to their hosted merchants. ShopSite, Inc. provides second-level support for our partners by e-mail and by telephone. If you are a ShopSite partner and have misplaced the phone number and e-mail address to use for support, please contact your account manager or use our contact form to reach us.

These other resources are always available and quite useful:

  • Upgrade Pricing - This price list shows the MSRP for various ShopSite store upgrades.
  • Knowledgebase - If you are having what appears to be a technical error with ShopSite, use this link to go to the ShopSite knowledgebase. In the upper left-hand field, enter a short description of the problem or error you are having. The database will bring up a number of potential solutions for you and your store.
  • ShopSite Forum - If you are trying to stretch ShopSite to the limits, you can ask questions and read how other merchants, designers and ISPs have worked to get the most out of ShopSite. The Forums are available at
  • ShopSite Technical Bulletin - You may also subscribe to the ShopSiteTech list server to receive ShopSite Technical Bulletins, which are sent out periodically to inform subscribers of new releases and patches and other ShopSite news items.