Customer Registration in ShopSite Pro

Customer registration is a means for you to form a tighter relationship with your customers. ShopSite will collect a little information about each registered customer -- such as an e-mail address -- and you will then have that information to contact those customers. The customers gain greater convenience when purchasing at your store, and you can offer them coupons as enticements to register and return to your store.
Customer Registration FAQs
ShopSite Help - Customer Registration

Customer Registration is available in ShopSite Pro stores.

Customer Registration With Custom Templates

If you are creating custom templates for your ShopSite store, the options below may provide you with helpful tips for customizing your customer registration screens, wish list screens or even just grabbing the customer registration JavaScript to add to your website.

Customer Registration With OrderAnywhere

You can add the Customer Registration links to non-ShopSite created pages. You would do this by going to Commerce Setup > Customer Registration > Configure, and scroll to the bottom of the page to copy the JavaScript for the Customer Registration links. You can paste that JavaScript on your non-ShopSite generated pages. You should note that the Customer Registration feature uses cookies to see if the customer is logged in or not. Because this feature requires cookies, any page that you put this code on would need to be found at the same domain as your ShopSite store or the cookies will not work correctly.