Tip For A Custom Customer Registration Template

Customer registration templates can be tricky to create. There are many screens (upwards of 15) included in the customer registration template, as well as some emails for things such as forgotten passwords. There is an easy solution for creating a custom customer registration template without creating over 15 sections manually. Follow the steps below to use the default customer registration template with your own custom code.

  1. First you will want to go to Commerce Setup > Customer Registration > Configure, and select the cr_default template.
  2. After saving your changes, go to Merchandising > Custom Templates > Includes, and make a copy of the crHeader include and the crFooter include files.
  3. Make copies of YOUR copies and name them exactly the same name as the originals, "crHeader" and "crFooter" in order to override the originals. You can then delete your first copies which do not have the exact same name as the originals.
  4. Now you can go into each of these files, the crHeader and crFooter and add your own code, CSS, images, tables, etc. This code will be on all of the customer registration pages.

NOTE: The customer registration pages are secure pages so you will want to make sure that all of your images, CSS and JavaScript files you include are using the secure URL.

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