Global Color Fields for ShopSite Stores

In ShopSite version 10 SP1, Global Color Fields were added to Manager and Pro stores. This feature allows merchants to change the colors for their website in one location and to have those colors apply to every ShopSite page (including Search, Customer Registration, and mobile pages). The video tutorial below shows how to change colors in your store using these fields, where to find documenation on what each color field controls, and how to apply the new colors to your store. For more information on the global color fields, refer to the URLs below. NOTE: the Built-In Themes link is mentioned in the tutorial. It is where you can go to get a list of what each field controls in the theme you have chosen.
ShopSite Help - Global Color Fields
Custom Template Cookbook - Built-In Themes

This tutorial uses a ShopSite Pro store. Some features may not be available in ShopSite Starter and ShopSite Manager.