Top eCommerce Posts for January 2013

Here are some of the better posts for January:

SEO Fail! 10 Most Commonly Overused Website Techniques – Search Engine Watch
I love this quote: ‘someone from a Fortune 100 came up to me to ask me why the landing page they just launched was not working. After all, it was so cool! They used HTML5/CSS3, vertical scroll, how could people not love it!  ”Easy,” I told him. “Because people don’t care about your cool. They just want to the information and an easy way to buy if they are interested. If you do that, your page will convert.”  He then showed me a page that was converting and they could not figure out why, nothing flashy, some nice graphics, good information and a clear buy button. ‘

A Simple Approach to Effectively Use Twitter -Constant Contact
Imagine walking around the party listening in on everyone’s conversations. At first it’d seem pretty noisy until you zeroed in on a conversation you found interesting. Then you’d introduce yourself and join in. Once that conversation fizzles, you’d move on to the next. That’s what it’s like on Twitter.

83% of online shoppers need support to complete a purchase: stats – Econsultancy
According to the survey, the key reasons for abandoning online purchases are unexpected delivery costs (70%) and lack of information about the product, service or delivery (56%). These are key pieces of information, yet some sites seem to hide these from customers.

1,000 Reasons to Love ShopSite for Ecommerce – Lexiconn
We helped one of our ecommerce clients get 1,000 orders in just under two hours. They were on Good Morning America (GMA), and it was a success.

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