Top eCommerce Posts for March

Here are some of the better posts for March.

7 YouTube Tips For Your Small Business -Business 2 Community
Educate your consumers, create how-to videos tutorials; educate them on your current industry trends and show them the benefits of using your products and services. If you are a golf coach, show people simple swinging techniques on YouTube; if you are a website designer, teach people how to create a quality website and so on.

The Easiest Way to Increase Conversion by 20% – Get Elastic
According to data from PowerReviews, increasing a product’s review count from 0 to 1 increases conversion by 20%.

ShopSite Merchant Proves Mobile Commerce is Only Getting Bigger – LexiConn
All they did to cater to the ever-increasing mobile customer is enable ShopSite’s built-in mobile commerce support. A few clicks, some configuration of categories, links, navigation, search, and their site was optimized for mobile viewing.

Better For Visitors. Better For Search Engines -Lauren Hills Design
Your pages should be structured in a way similar to a written out paper (yes, we are using some of those skills from English class).  Place the title of your page in a heading tag <h1>Title here</h1>.  Subtitles should be in <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, etc, tags respectively. Headings should not have “Description” as a title, but should incorporate keywords for that page such as “Sock Materials.”

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