Top 4 eCommerce Posts for December

Changes to Google Plus: What You Need to Know – Web Marketing Today
The updated Google Plus certainly makes for a more pleasant user experience, but I wouldn’t prioritize this platform over any other

Why you need good content and how to get it fast! – AlisteMarketing 
Strong content is key to success in online media. But sometimes identifying the types of content that will drive traffic can be difficult

PCI Council pushes back TLS 1.0 End of Life Date to June 2018 – Lexiconn
In our opinion (and those of many others), having TLS 1.0 enabled on your website is not a risk to you or your customers.

Dealing with ShopSite Date Formats in Custom Reports – Lexiconn
Another source of information is registered customers. A question that comes up for both of these is how to deal with the date information provided by ShopSite.

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