I Already Have a Web Site

Can ShopSite integrate with my existing Web Site?

Yes, there are two ways that ShopSite can integrate in with your web site - the OrderAnywhere feature or the Custom Template feature. With the Order Anywhere feature you can put order buttons on your existing web pages. With the Custom Template feature you can customize ShopSite to generate catalog pages that match the look of your existing site.

How do I purchase ShopSite?

If your web site is hosted at a partner, ask them for a ShopSite store. If you are not hosted at a partner you have three options:

  1. Have us contact your hosting provider (or vice-versa) about becoming a partner.
  2. Host your shopping cart or catalog at a ShopSite partner and link to it from your existing site. For example, using Order Anywhere the Order buttons can be on your existing store but when a shopper clicks on them they are taken to your shopping cart at a partner's site.
  3. If you have access to your own CGI (script) area on your server we can work with you or your host to get ShopSite installed.

ShopSite works with the most popular server operating systems. Click here for a list of the supported server platforms and the system requirements. If you don't see your OS listed, contact us to see if we are in the process of supporting it.

What does ShopSite cost?

ShopSite is sold through hosting partners who will bundle their hosting services with various options at several price points. This makes it impossible to present an exact price, however, we can suggest the typical range.

Suggested Prices for Hosting Partners
  One-time* OR Monthly**
Starter N/A   $9-$39
Manager $495   $35-$75
Pro $1295   $70-$125

* - One-time licenses are unlimited-term licenses available for a single up-front payment. Suggested price does not include hosting or upgrade fees.
** - Monthly licenses are leased on a month-by-month basis. Suggested price range includes upgrades and bundled hosting services.

Click Here to find a ShopSite partner and get a price quote.

Which Product or Partner is right for me?

Do you have a question about a ShopSite feature you may need? Do you need us to recommend which ShopSite product is right for you (e.g. Starter, Manager, or Pro?) Do you want us to suggest the nearest partner to your location? Please fill out the form below and we will promptly get you an answer.

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