ShopSite Upgrade Pricing

Version upgrades (e.g. ShopSite v10.x to v11) and product upgrades (e.g. ShopSite Manager to ShopSite Pro) are handled by your ShopSite hosting provider. If you are no longer hosted by a ShopSite partner you can purchase an upgrade at the following rates:

ShopSite Manager to ShopSite Pro
ShopSite Lite/Express/Starter to ShopSite Manager or ShopSite Pro
See a partner

Version Upgrades

Minor Version Upgrade (e.g. 10 sp1 to 10 sp2)
Single-Version Upgrade (e.g. 11.x to 12.x) - for Pro *
Single-Version Upgrade (e.g. 11.x to 12.x) - for Manager *
Multiple-Version Upgrade (e.g. 10.x to 12.x) - for Pro *
Multiple-Version Upgrade (e.g. 10.x to 12.x) - for Manager *

Upgrade Related Support

Upgrade Help
Annual Support and Upgrade Contract

* Version upgrades are priced based upon the product being upgraded (e.g. Pro or Manager). The price is for FTP access to the software so the merchant can perform the upgrade. ShopSite support help for performing an upgrade can be purchased separately.
Lite upgrades are only handled by ShopSite Partners.

You may want to look at the Support Pricing page for additional support services you can purchase.

In addition to the upgrade options above, you can consider asking your hosting provider to become a ShopSite partner, or consider moving your store to a ShopSite partner.