Where to Purchase ShopSite

ShopSite Pricing Information

ShopSite is sold through authorized partner resellers. ShopSite Partners often bundle ShopSite with services such as Web site hosting and Web design services. As such, pricing varies from partner to partner. (Don't have much of a budget? Don't worry -- ShopSite stores start at just dollars a month.) We suggest you shop around for a ShopSite Partner that best fits your needs.

If you run a hosting service and want to become a ShopSite Partner, read about the ShopSite Partner Program.

How To Get ShopSite

ShopSite runs on a server. That means that you don't actually install it on your machine, you use it through a Web browser over the Internet. So, instead of installing software on your PC here's what you need to do:

  1. Find a ShopSite Partner that meets your needs
  2. Contact the Partner to set up a ShopSite account. (If you already have an ISP who doesn't offer ShopSite, give them a call and tell them to contact us. We'll gladly help them become a ShopSite Partner.)
  3. The Partner will give you a user name and password for your store. You simply use your Web browser to build and maintain your store.

Where To Buy ShopSite

To find a ShopSite Partner who can host your ShopSite store, choose from an option below:

Additional Products And Services

Add functionality to your ShopSite store or work with an expert to get just the look you have in mind! Check out these developers and designers: