Shopping Cart Page Template: Cart Totals

The products that customers put in the cart and the selections that they make for tax, shipping, and surcharges all affect the total cost of the order. The [-- SC_Totals --] tag produces a single-column HTML table that contains the order subtotal, tax, shipping, and surcharges, and then the order total.

  • This example uses an HTML table to lay out the various parts of the Shopping Cart Page.

Cart Totals CSS

Here is a list of the CSS selectors used in the cart totals display.

table.totals The table containing the various totals.
td.totals_txt The cells containing the label for each charge, such as "Subtotal" or "Shipping."
td.totals The cells containing each charge.
td.totals_all_txt The cell containing the "Total" label.
td.totals_all The cell containing the total charge for the order.

This example is the same as the one above, plus it includes a style sheet with selectors for some of the cart totals elements.

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