Work-A-Round for Breadcrumbs in ShopSite

Design Tips|Shopper Experience|Basic SEO- Last updated Nov 2, 2016

ShopSite creates static pages rather than dynamic pages because static pages are more easily indexed by search engines. Since the pages are static there is no easy way to put dynamic breadcrumbs on your store pages. However, you can include tags in your templates to place breadcrumbs on your pages which will be static breadcrumbs. It will not matter how the customer actually got to specific pages, the breadcrumbs will be the same. For example, if you could get to the Dur Street Shoes product page by either of the following methods:

Home > Dur > Dur Street Shoes
Home > Shoes > Dur Street Shoes

The more information page for those shoes will only show one of those paths.

If you are fine with this setup for breadcrumbs, then you can go through the following steps to place breadcrumbs on your store pages.

  1. Add the following tags to all of your page templates just below the [-- DEFINE PAGE --] tag.
    [-- VAR.PageName PAGE.Name--]
    [-- VAR.FileName PAGE.FileName --]
  2. Also in your page templates, add the following code where you want the breadcrumbs to appear.
    <a href="[-- MyStoreURL --]">[-- STORE.Home --]</a> :: <a href="[-- OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_URL --]/[-- PAGE.FileName --]">[-- PAGE.Name --]</a>
  3. Next, add the following code into your product more information page templates where you would like the breadcrumbs to appear.
    <a href="[-- MyStoreURL --]">[-- STORE.Home --]</a>[-- IF VAR.FileName --] :: <a href="[-- OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_URL --]/[-- VAR.FileName --]">[-- VAR.PageName --]</a>[-- END_IF --] :: <a href="[-- PRODUCT.MoreInfoURL --]">[-- PRODUCT.Name --]</a>