Thank You Page and E-Mail Receipt Templates:
Order Number

The order number for a completed order is an important piece of information to display to customers on the Thank You Page and E-Mail Receipt. It shows that the order has been entered into "the system" and gives the customer a way to refer to the order for any questions that might arise.

  • The order number tags cannot be used on the confirmation page, as the order is not completed at that point and does not have a number assigned.
  • The [-- Store.SC_OrderNumber --] tag produces the "Order Number" text.
  • The [-- ThankYouOrderNumber --] tag produces the order number.

Thank You Page Example: Product Listing and Order Totals

The E-Mail Receipt use the same tags shown here for the Thank You Page.

Order Number CSS

The output of the order number tags does not contain any CSS classes or attributes. You can wrap the tags in an HTML table cell or div or span to apply any additional formatting.

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