Confirmation Page, Thank You Page, and E-Mail Receipt Templates:
Custom Checkout Fields

If you included tags for custom checkout fields in the Shipping Page template, you may want to display the results on the Confirmation Page and the Thank You Page, and possibly on the E-Mail Receipt.

  • You can use the [-- IF CustomHTML_Values --] tags to test whether the customer made selections or entered text in any of the five fields locations. The test returns positive if any of the five locations have values.
  • The [-- CustomHTML_Values --] tag displays the field names and values chosen in all five fields locations (or as many as were used by the merchant).
  • The merchant can choose whether to have each individual custom checkout field displayed on the Confirmation/Thank You Page and the E-mail Receipt. In other words, some of the fields that appear on the Shipping Page may not appear on the Confirmation and Thank You pages.

Confirmation Page Example: Custom Checkout Fields

The sample store used for the Resulting Page only had one custom checkout field defined, and it shows up at the bottom of the Resulting Page. The Thank You Page and E-Mail Receipt use the same tags shown here for the Confirmation Page.

Custom Checkout Field CSS

The [-- CustomHTML_Values --] tag displays the customer's choices in the custom checkout fields. Therefore, there are no pre-defined CSS classes or attributes associated with these tags.

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