Page Templates: Complete Basic Example

This page contains a complete example of a simple page template. It does not use any [-- IF --] or [-- INCLUDE --] tags, and it does not use a style sheet for formatting -- just simple, easy-to-read HTML with custom template tags.

  • The template uses a two-column table to put the links in the left column and the product information in the right column.
  • The page names are used as the page links. Link names and graphics are ignored.
  • The template does not test whether the merchant wants the page name or graphic displayed; it just displays them.
  • The template does not test to make sure that fields have values.
    <a href="[-- OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_URL --]/[-- Page.FileName --]">[-- PAGE.Name --]</a>

    [-- DEFINE PAGE --]
    <title>[-- PAGE.Title --]</title>

    [-- HEADER --]
    [-- PAGE.Graphic --]
    <h1>[-- PAGE.Name --]</h1>

    <table cellpadding="15">
    <tr><td valign="top">
    [-- LOOP LINKS --]
    [-- LINK --]<br>
    [-- END_LOOP LINKS --]

    [-- PAGE.Text1 --]
    [-- LOOP PRODUCTS --]
    [-- PRODUCT --]

    [-- PAGE.Text2 --]

    [-- FOOTER --]
    [-- PAGE.Text3 --]
    [-- END_DEFINE PAGE --]
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