ShopSite, Authorize.Net, and Total Merchant Services

Are you just about ready to build your ShopSite store, but you still have questions about accepting credit cards online? ShopSite, Authorize.Net, and Total Merchant Services (TMS), have teamed up to provide merchants with a safe and secure way to accept real-time payments for their E-business.

For an online business to be successful, a store must be able to accommodate its customers and process their payments. Through the ShopSite, and Total Merchant Services packages, merchants can accept all major credit cards, government purchasing cards and checks. These packages provide automated payment acceptance and also allow merchants the ability to manually transact phone, mail and fax orders.

How Does It Work?

The components required to accept and process payments on the Internet are:

  • ShopSite Shopping Cart Software
  • An Internet merchant account (TMS)
  • A Virtual Terminal (TMS)
  • An Internet Payment Gateway (Authorize.Net)

This diagram illustrates the relationships and roles of the components. Hold your mouse over each component to learn more.

Payment Flow Diagram

How Much Does It Cost?

The three major components are each priced separately.

  • ShopSite

    ShopSite is sold through authorized resellers called ShopSite Partners. ShopSite Partners typically package ShopSite with other Web services, such as domain hosting and server space. Because each Partner's offerings are different, each Partner has their own pricing structure. ShopSite may be offered as a one-time purchase or as a monthly contract. Contact a ShopSite Partner for more information -- you can usually buy ShopSite as part of a hosting package.

  • Merchant Account Fees from Total Merchant Services*

    • Merchant Account setup - WAIVED
    • Discount Rate - 2.39% for Visa/MasterCard transactions ($25 monthly minimum)
    • Per Item Fee - $0.25 (includes Address Verification Service)
    • Monthly Support Fee - $10
  • Payment Gateway Fees from Authorize.Net*

    • Software Setup - $149 (one-time cost)
    • Payment Gateway Transaction Fee - $0.10
    • Payment Gateway Monthly Fee - $19.95

How do I Sign Up?

Signing up is easy!

  1. If you don't already have a ShopSite store with one of our ShopSite Partners, look at our partner list to find one that meets your needs.
  2. Click on the link below to fill out a TMS application for a merchant account. You'll find out if you're approved within 24 hours. Once you're approved for a merchant account, TMS will set up your Authorize.Net account for you and then send you the information about your account by e-mail.

    Total Merchant Solutions Apply Now

  3. Log into your ShopSite store and go to the Commerce Setup > Payment screen. Toward the bottom of the screen, click Authorize.Net, then click the Configure Processor button. On the next screen, enter the information sent to you by TMS, such as your Authorize.Net Login ID and password.

* prices were exact at time of posting, but may have changed so you will want to contact the gateway and merchant account for current pricing.