The ShopSite Store Wizard

The Store Setup Wizard walks a new merchant through the initial creation of a store in as little as 15 minutes. In the wizard, you can add products and pages, configure shipping and payment settings, and select a look for your store. Merchants who already have a website can use the Order Button path in the wizard to place "Add To Cart" buttons on existing HTML pages.

Using the Store Wizard

Whether you're having ShopSite generate your store pages, or you're adding order buttons to your existing website, the ShopSite Wizard will guide you through the steps to get your store ready to take orders. In the wizard, you will be able to:

  • Create Products in ShopSite.
  • Create Pages to display products, or add order buttons to existing HTML pages.
  • Configure basic Tax, Shipping, and Billing options.
  • Select a look for your page or order buttons and your shopping cart.

It only takes about fifteen minutes to complete the wizard with a few products in your store. Once you complete the wizard, your store will be able to take online orders, and you'll be acquainted with how the merchant back office in ShopSite works. Afterwards, you can always add more products and try out some of ShopSite's many features. See the feature checklist to learn what's included in your ShopSite store.