SEO Strategies for your Online Store

Last updated Jan 3, 2017

Self SEO Site Checkup
Basic SEO strategies and techniques you can use throughout your website; every time you add a new page, write a new blog post or even add a new picture.

Breadcrumbs are good for SEO because they give navigation structure to your website. They are also good for shoppers because they provide an easy way to go back a category to find related products.

Product Microdata
Microdata rich-snippets are HTML tags that tell search engines details about your products. Using these rich-snippets will enhance the look of your page links in search results.

.htaccess File Redirects
You can use your .htaccess file to create redirects for old pages. This helps search engines find newer and more important pages, as well as helps your customers in case they find an old link to an old product.

Third Party Scripts

Bing UET Setup
Passing order information to your Bing Webmaster account helps create more direct marketing ads created through your Bing account.

Facebook Pixel Event Tracking
Passing order information to your Facebook Ads account provides data to help refine your Facebook Ads to be more effective.