Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking Setup

Analytics & Tracking|Basic SEO - Last updated Nov 2, 2016

Merchants using Bing Ads can benefit greatly from Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking by understanding what actions customers are taking after they click on a Bing Ad. Bing recommends that the Bing Ad Universal Event Tracking code be placed on all store pages, including all checkout process pages. Below are instructions on how to set up the Universal Event Tracking and how to add it to your ShopSite store.

Get The Code

Log into your Bing Ads account and navigate to Campaigns > Conversion Tracking. On this "Create Goal" page there are 4 main configurations: Goal Name, Goal Type, Goal Value and Conversion Period. Most of these are based on your own preferences, but the Goal Type should be setup specific to your ShopSite store.

Goal Type: Although there are 4 different types of goals, most merchants will be tracking completed orders using the Destination URL method. After selecting the Destination URL radio button, you can choose either "Begins With" or "Regular Expression". If you select "Begins With", then you will want to go to your own shopping cart, click "Checkout" then copy the URL from the http all the way to the first ?. Replace "billing.cgi" with "thankyou.cgi". The resulting URL should have a similar structure to: If you selected "Regular Expression" you will want to enter only "thankyou.cgi".

Code With Order Total Tracking

If you have set up your campaign to track the order total in addition to the success rate, you will need to customize the JavaScript code that is placed on your thank you page only. Bing will give you code that looks similar to the following, with ORDER_TOTAL found in the code.

<script>(function(w,d,t,r,u){var f,n,i;w[u]=w[u]||[],f=function(){var o={ti:"TAG_ID"};o.q=w[u],w[u]=new UET(o),w[u].push("pageLoad")},n=d.createElement(t),n.src=r,n.async=1,n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=function(){var s=this.readyState;s&&s!=="loaded"&&s!=="complete"||(f(),n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=null)},i=d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0],i.parentNode.insertBefore(n,i)})(window,document,"script","//","uetq");</script>
<script> var uetq = uetq || [];  uetq.push({ 'gv': ss_ordertotal });</script>