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Version Added: ShopSite Version 10 sp2

Color Options: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red

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Colors and background images for this theme can be modified under Preferences > Layout Settings.

Theme Tips and Tricks

This theme is using a template with many tricks that you can do it further enhance the look of your store. The main trick has to do with the include file called 3Column-SelectTheme.sst. What you'll want to do is (1) first go to Merchandising > Custom Templates > Includes > Copy ShopSite Include, and make a copy of the 3Column-SelectTheme.sst include file. (2) Next, make a copy of YOUR copy and name it the exact same name as the original. You can then remove your copy (the copy which does not have the exact same name as the original). In this include, you will find many VAR tags. One example is [-- VAR.SubproductDisplay "select" --]. This VAR tag determines how the subproducts are displayed for the products in your store. "Select" means that they are displayed in a pull down menu. You can change the text "select" to "radio" to have the subproducts be radio buttons, "checkbox" to have the subproducts displayed with checkboxes to add multiple subproducts to the cart at once, or "table" which will display the subproducts in a table format, each with its own add to cart button. (3) Once you have changed the VAR tags to "yes" or "no" or something else, you can save changes, then go to Utilities > Publish > Regenerate, to republish your website using the new settings.

Other options found in the file 3Column-SelectTheme.sst include:

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