Online Store Design Improvements

Design Tips - Last updated Nov 2, 2016

A website is a tool businesses use to interact with their customers, partners and employees. A website should match the evolving needs of customers as well as excite both employees and customers to interact with the business.

Each article below focuses on a different section of your website. Take your time and enhance your website at your own pace.

Overall Site Design

Typefacing - Web-safe fonts
Fonts can improve the look of the website quickly, no graphic artist needed. This article shows examples of web-safe fonts to choose, as well as gives information on how to add custom or Google fonts to your website. Most websites will use 2 - 3 fonts throughout their website.

How To Code Responsive Design
Responsive design simply means that the code and page layout responds to the browser width. This allows websites to have different layouts depending on the type of device, desktop, tablet, mobile, that their customers are using. Read this article to learn the basics of coding with responsive design.

Mobile Quirks
Have you noticed how android and iOS have their own quirks when it comes to displaying websites? We've addressed some of those quirks below to give you tips on how to overcome them.

Home Page Layout

Carousel Do's and Don'ts
The carousel feature in your ShopSite store can be added to your home page to display sales, highlight products or advertise new product lines. However the carousel can also be distracting, frustrating or can be overlooked if done incorrectly. Read through the slideshow do's and don'ts to avoid common slideshow mistakes.