ShopSite Bootstrap Based Habits Theme

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Version Added: 12 sp2

Color Options: Blue

Theme Colors & Backgrounds
Colors and background images for this theme can be modified under Preferences > Layout Settings.

Theme Files

Bootstrap-Page.sst - Default page template.
Bootstrap-Page-FullProduct.sst - Optional page template that displays the product description regardless of if there if a more information page or not.
Bootstrap-Reviews.sst - Default reviews page template.
Bootstrap-Tabs.ss - Default product template.
Bootstrap-ProductReviewsLayout.sst - Product template used with the Bootstrap-Reviews.sst review template.
Bootstrap-Search.sst - Default search results page template.
Bootstrap-GiftCert.sst - Default gift certificate page template.
Bootstrap-Registration.sst - Default customer registration screens template.
Bootstrap-Wishlist.sst - Default wishlist screens template.
Bootstrap-Cart.sst - Default shopping cart screens and receipt emails template.

Bootstrap-AbandonCartPopUp.sst - Script and HTML for the abandon cart pop up on the shopping cart screen.
Bootstrap-AjaxMini.sst - Ajax and HTML for the Ajax add to cart pop up.
Bootstrap-AjaxSignIn.sst - Ajax and HTML for the Ajax customer sign in pop up.
Bootstrap-Carousel.sst - HTML for the carousel feature on the home page.
Bootstrap-DefineProduct-Full.sst - Define for the products on pages using the Bootstrap-Page-FullProduct.sst template.
Bootstrap-DefineProduct.sst - Default define for products on category pages.
Bootstrap-DefineSubproduct.sst - HTML for subproducts.
Bootstrap-Footer-Habits.sst - HTML for the footer.
Bootstrap-Footer.sst - Scripts and stylesheets displayed before the >/body< tag.
Bootstrap-Head.sst - Scripts and stylesheets included in the >head< section of all pages.
Bootstrap-Header-Habits.sst - HTML for the header.
Bootstrap-Header.sst - controls which header file is used, or this one is used for custom designs using these template files.
Bootstrap-LeftNav.sst - HTML in the left column if the Left Page Links are enabled.
Bootstrap-Logo.sst - HTML for the logo or 'created' logo if no logo specified.
Bootstrap-Product-AddToCart.sst HTML for the add to cart form used on category pages and cross sell products.
Bootstrap-Product-AddToCartSizePopUp.sst - HTML for the add to cart form used on more information pages.
Bootstrap-Product-Head.sst - Meta tags and CSS specific to product more information pages.
Bootstrap-Product-MoreInfoImageRow.sst - HTML and Script for the more information graphic and extra product graphic display.
Bootstrap-PriceOnly.sst - Simplified product price display.
Bootstrap-PriceSimple.sst - Basic product price display.
Bootstrap-PriceSimpleSave.sst - Default price display for more information pages which includes "you saved" details.
Bootstrap-RegistrationBottom.sst - Footer specific to customer registration pages.
Bootstrap-RegistrationLinks.sst - HTML for customer registration links using the Ajax sign in.
Bootstrap-RegistrationTop.sst - Header specific to customer registraton pages.
Bootstrap-RightNav.sst - HTML in the right column if Right Page Links are enabled.
Bootstrap-Search.sst - IF statements and HTML for the search form on all pages.
Bootstrap-VARs-DOCTYPE.sst - VAR tags used in these templates as well as the DOCTYPE tag and opening meta tags.
Bootstrap-VARs-Theme.sst - Sets different theme files based on the store color field 5.

bootstrap-carousel.css - CSS for the carousel on store's home page.
bootstrap-custom.css - CSS for designers to customize these templates.
bootstrap-habits.css - CSS specific for the Habits theme.
bootstrap-moreinfo.css - CSS used only on product more information pages.
bootstrap-ss.css - CSS used on all store pages.
bootstrap-ss.js - JavaScript used on all store pages for the mini cart, navigation and other global features.
bootstrap-sscgi.css - CSS used on all CGI pages such as the search results, gift certificates, registration and shopping cart screens.
bootstrap.min.css - CSS used on all store pages.