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Version Added: 12 sp2

Color Options: Blue

Theme Colors & Backgrounds
Colors and background images for this theme can be modified under Preferences > Layout Settings.

Theme Files

To modify any of these template files you would go to Merchandising > Custom Templates, and click on the section the template file is in (i.e. "Product Templates" or the product template files or "Include Files" for include or publish files). Then click on "Copy ShopSite Template." Make a copy of the ShopSite template you want to edit. Save changes. Then make a copy of your copy and rename it the exact same name as the original. (You can then delete your original copy with a different name). Your copy will override the original template file. If you ever want to revert back to the original template file you can simply delete (or rename) your copied file and regenerate your site.

Bootstrap-Page.sst - Default page template.
Bootstrap-Page-FullProduct.sst - Optional page template that displays the product description regardless of if there if a more information page or not.
Bootstrap-Reviews.sst - Default reviews page template.
Bootstrap-Tabs.ss - Default product template.
Bootstrap-ProductReviewsLayout.sst - Product template used with the Bootstrap-Reviews.sst review template.
Bootstrap-Search.sst - Default search results page template.
Bootstrap-GiftCert.sst - Default gift certificate page template.
Bootstrap-Registration.sst - Default customer registration screens template.
Bootstrap-Wishlist.sst - Default wishlist screens template.
Bootstrap-Cart.sst - Default shopping cart screens and receipt emails template.

Bootstrap-AbandonCartPopUp.sst - Script and HTML for the abandon cart pop up on the shopping cart screen.
Bootstrap-AjaxMini.sst - Ajax and HTML for the Ajax add to cart pop up.
Bootstrap-AjaxSignIn.sst - Ajax and HTML for the Ajax customer sign in pop up.
Bootstrap-Carousel.sst - HTML for the carousel feature on the home page.
Bootstrap-DefineProduct-Full.sst - Define for the products on pages using the Bootstrap-Page-FullProduct.sst template.
Bootstrap-DefineProduct.sst - Default define for products on category pages.
Bootstrap-DefineSubproduct.sst - HTML for subproducts.
Bootstrap-Footer-Habits.sst - HTML for the footer.
Bootstrap-Footer.sst - Scripts and stylesheets displayed before the >/body< tag.
Bootstrap-Head.sst - Scripts and stylesheets included in the >head< section of all pages.
Bootstrap-Header-Habits.sst - HTML for the header.
Bootstrap-Header.sst - controls which header file is used, or this one is used for custom designs using these template files.
Bootstrap-LeftNav.sst - HTML in the left column if the Left Page Links are enabled.
Bootstrap-Logo.sst - HTML for the logo or 'created' logo if no logo specified.
Bootstrap-Product-AddToCart.sst HTML for the add to cart form used on category pages and cross sell products.
Bootstrap-Product-AddToCartSizePopUp.sst - HTML for the add to cart form used on more information pages.
Bootstrap-Product-Head.sst - Meta tags and CSS specific to product more information pages.
Bootstrap-Product-MoreInfoImageRow.sst - HTML and Script for the more information graphic and extra product graphic display.
Bootstrap-PriceOnly.sst - Simplified product price display.
Bootstrap-PriceSimple.sst - Basic product price display.
Bootstrap-PriceSimpleSave.sst - Default price display for more information pages which includes "you saved" details.
Bootstrap-RegistrationBottom.sst - Footer specific to customer registration pages.
Bootstrap-RegistrationLinks.sst - HTML for customer registration links using the Ajax sign in.
Bootstrap-RegistrationTop.sst - Header specific to customer registraton pages.
Bootstrap-RightNav.sst - HTML in the right column if Right Page Links are enabled.
Bootstrap-Search.sst - IF statements and HTML for the search form on all pages.
Bootstrap-VARs-DOCTYPE.sst - VAR tags used in these templates as well as the DOCTYPE tag and opening meta tags.
Bootstrap-VARs-Theme.sst - Sets different theme files based on the store color field 5.

bootstrap-carousel.css - CSS for the carousel on store's home page.
bootstrap-custom.css - CSS for designers to customize these templates.
bootstrap-habits.css - CSS specific for the Habits theme.
bootstrap-moreinfo.css - CSS used only on product more information pages.
bootstrap-ss.css - CSS used on all store pages.
bootstrap-ss.js - JavaScript used on all store pages for the mini cart, navigation and other global features.
bootstrap-sscgi.css - CSS used on all CGI pages such as the search results, gift certificates, registration and shopping cart screens.
bootstrap.min.css - CSS used on all store pages.